Create experienves that collect zero-party data and boost conversions

Build engaging quizzes, lookbooks, lead forms, surveys, and more with Jebbit – a versatile platform that allows you to connect ywith your audience across all channels.

1. Pricing

Besides their Free plan, they offer a Starter, Essentials, and Enterprise plan.
For each plan, Jebbit offers a 7-day free trial. 

  • Free $0 per month
  • Starter $49 per month
  • Essentials $249 per month
  • Enterprise: contact for more information

Pros and Cons:

+ Free plan.
+ No card information is necessary for the free trial.
+ Quick set-up.

– Limitations regarding the number of engagements, and users.
– More expensive than the competition.

2. Ease of use

When you get started you can choose your brand coloring and upload your logo if wanted. 
At first glance, it seems intuitive and easy to start your first quiz by choosing between templates or starting from scratch.

jebbit creator page

Pros and Cons:

+ User-friendly interface.
+ Videos show how to use the quiz maker or learn about different topics.
+ Many pre-built templates to choose from.
+ Select options, as well as drag and drop to create a quiz are easy to use.
+ Nice display of a preview with a QR code for a mobile preview.

– The learning curve of how to use the tool is quite steep.
– Design options are in comparison to the others limited. 
– Asks each time to do the setup even though I chose to skip it.
– Changes take a while to apply and upload.

3. Customization options

They offer various customization options which allow you to create a personalized quiz.
Depending on your plan you encounter different settings and limitations.

Pros and Cons:

+ Preset brand options are easy to apply and change to match brand identity.
+ Various options like branching logic, and personalized outcomes.
+ Optimized for mobile devices.
+ Unsplash stock library, adding images from socials or uploading them.
+ Easy to make them shareable.

– Branding can only be removed with the Essentials plan.
– Limited languages.
– Very limited free version.
– Design elements available within are limited.
– Learning how to fully use the tool.

4. Privacy

On their website, they state that they take privacy policy seriously and explain how they might collect user data – they are very transparent about that fact.

Pros and Cons:

+ They use their own fonts.
+ No name-worthy cookies.

– Not GDPR compliant
– Server is hosted in the US, Amazon server.
– They load a Java Script and a tracker called – which is a monetary solution collecting real-time data of the users.
– The code checker shows a syntax error for the embed code provided.

5. Support

Their support varies throughout the plans from knowledge-based support in the form of a “Jebbot” for all plans to a dedicated success manager for the Enterprise plan.

Pros and Cons:

+ Jebbot replies quickly with optional solutions to your question.
+ Videos help you to be guided through. 
+ Different webinars and case studies.
+ Depending on your topic you can schedule a demo.

– Live chat didn’t reply, I was redirected to an email address.
– Free plan doesn’t support via chat. 
– Limited language options.

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