Quizmaker Review


Nice that you are on my website!

Apparently, you’re in the same boat as me…lost in space or rather in the World Wide Web, trying to find the optimal quiz maker for my project.

The offer is huge, constantly growing, and at the same time, old as well as new quiz makers are often leaving the market.

During my research, I noticed that I am certainly not the only one who feels this way – overwhelmed by offers, free trials, and supposed USPs.

I have made it my task to take a closer look at ten of the well-known quiz makers, to compare them against each other, and above all, to test their user-friendliness.

Which tool suits your needs?

11 well-known quiz makers from the web:

  1. Typeform
  2. TryInteract
  3. Quiz-maker.com
  4. Riddle
  5. Survey Monkey
  6. Outgrow
  7. Involve.me
  8. Bucket.io
  9. Jebbit
  10. EX.CO
  11. Apester

I have approached each provider with the same task:

I will build a quiz consisting of 3 questions, each with four answer choices and a cover image per question, from a free stock library. In addition, I want to embed forms to generate leads as well as important data and save them in a file.

Which tool is the fastest in handling?
Where can I easily integrate images?
Or place leads cleverly?

I want to test which tool will get me to my desired goal the fastest, because let’s be honest, that’s what it comes down to in the end.

This will give you a good impression of the different quiz makers, and I can bring them into a fair comparison.

What the Quiz?

Before we start, let’s take a step back and answer the question of why it is helpful to use a quiz for my marketing and what your concrete benefit could be.

Quizzes are the most engaging feature on a website. They offer a personalized experience by giving the user feedback based on their responses, they can create competition, which can motivate people to do their best, they can solely be entertaining or they can even be a way to learn new things and test your knowledge.

Even before we lived in the world wide web I remember taking tests in various magazines and sharing my results with friends and family.
Maybe you can relate and remember which your spirit animal is, what car you should be driving, or which zodiac sign to date.

Whichever the reason: People just love taking quizzes!

I am sure there’re various studies and papers published explaining why we love doing so, but that is going into it in too great depth.

As you can see quizzes offer versatile possibilities to strategically position the company in the market, promote its own brand, stay in touch with customers, and most importantly: you can gather diverse information about customers in a clever way.

This is one of the key functions and quantifiable benefits.

Questions about the target audience, users, and the market reached can be seen at a glance through clever evaluations – ideally, I collect the data without falling into a data privacy trap.

Small spoiler: so far, only Riddle has implemented data protection and GDPR compliance really well.
But more on that in the comparison.

After having ideally cleverly, as well as effortlessly generated leads I don’t lose my customers as easily.
They are having fun, I have piqued their interest, involved them in exciting questions, in contests, and without much effort, almost automatically get them to want to learn more about my company, product, or person.

Evaluation criteria

After you know a little bit more about why it’s generally useful to start online quizzes, let’s go back to my evaluation criteria and the reason we’re actually here: To find the quiz maker that is best suited for us!

My research and experience have shown that you can quickly get an overview of the key features that will simplify your decision-making process based on this selection:

  1. Pricing
  2. Ease of use
  3. Customization options
  4. Privacy
  5. Support

Beyond that, there are of course numerous features I could take a closer look at, but I’ll leave that up to you – trying out different tools is fun and allows you to get to know them better.

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