LeadQuizzes (or Lead Quizzes) quiz maker review

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LeadQuizzes (AKA as Lead Quizzes) was launched back in 2015 by Jeremy Ellens and Dornubari Vizor. Their marketing agency had just lost some big clients – so they decided to pivot to creating software that would help generate leads through online quizzes.

The founders recently re-branded the company as Yazamo – but essentially, their focus is centered around growing Leadquizzes. They have a big-time advocate in the marketing world with Neil Patel – who has used LeadQuizzes for his own campaigns.

Here’s our overall rating for LeadQuizzes – covering their quiz formats, customization, lead generation, and more.

Quiz Maker Review’s rating for LeadQuizzes

  • Range of quiz formats: ★★☆☆☆
  • Customization options: ★★☆☆☆
  • Lead generation: ★★★★☆
  • Data privacy: ★☆☆☆☆
  • Pricing: ★★★☆☆
  • Overall: ★★☆☆☆

LeadQuizzes – our TL;DR summary

We would recommend LeadQuizzes only for basic use cases for English-speaking audiences. Their online quiz creator is pretty elementary – with only two formats (quiz and personality test), rudimentary scoring, and no support for other languages.

However, their lead form builder is pretty good and easy to use to help you create a quiz funnel and grow your email list.

LeadQuizzes offers a good range of native 12 data integrations for marketing tools such as Klaviyo and GetResponse.

But you should look elsewhere if you’re looking for a richer quiz experience for your audience – or a wider range of interactive formats like polls, surveys, and more.

Most advanced marketers and publishers will need an online quiz maker with more nuanced weighted scoring (crucial for product recommendations or detailed personality results), plus more extensive customization options and multimedia (GIFs, audio, and video).

Want to explore other online quiz builder options?

Our best-reviewed quiz maker tools include Riddle (our Editor’s Choice), Involve.me, and TryInteract.

78 quiz templates

We’re big fans of quiz maker tools that provide a library of quiz templates – providing inspiration and saving time for busy marketers.

LeadQuizzes offers an impressive 78 quiz templates to help you create a quiz in minutes.

They cover a wide range of verticals from legal to health, sports to human resources – so you should be able to find something close to your particular use case.

What quiz and poll formats does LeadQuizzes offer?

Every online quiz maker has to focus on two areas:

  • Audience engagement – interesting content that turns passive browsers into active visitors
  • Lead generation and data capture – collecting emails and other personal data from quiz takers

These are not mutually exclusive – some of the online quiz software we’ve reviewed do both quite well (Outgrow, Involve.me, and Riddle in particular).

But as their name indicates, LeadQuizzes has evidently decided to focus almost exclusively on the lead generation side of the equation, at the cost of a wider range of interactive quiz formats.

LeadQuizzes offers just two types of quizzes:

  1. Outcome quiz: Most quiz creator tools call this a ‚personality test‘ or ‚personality quiz‘. It gives each quiz taker an overall result – based on all their user responses (e.g. „What type of car should you buy?“ or „What’s type of leader are you?“)
  2. Scored quiz: This is the classic trivia quiz – where you can ask your audience a series of questions, each with a right or wrong answer.
Only two types of quizzes – no polls or surveys

Scoring logic quiz (trivia quiz):

LeadQuizzes offers a ’scoring logic‘ quiz – basically, it’s a standard trivia-style quiz that asks a series of questions with right or wrong answers.

It’s pretty intuitive at the question level. LeadQuizzes also offers text or image questions – and you can also add text, image, or video answer blocks.

But this is the strange part. Unlike every other quiz maker we’ve covered, LeadQuizzes doesn’t actually calculate points or give results.

For example, we took their ‚How many of these words do you actually know?‘ quiz template. It was well done, asking good vocabulary questions such as ‚What is regression?‘

But after you made a selection, it doesn’t show if you got it right or wrong. Instead, it just shows an ‚answer block‘ – which explains the correct answer.

It gets weirder.

At the end of their template quiz, we didn’t even get an overall results screen – such as „Well done! You got X/Y correct!“.

Nope, we just saw a ‚Thank you for taking the quiz‘ page.

LeadQuizzes quiz results landing page

That’s pretty deflating as a quiz taker – who is keen to see how well they did.

And it’s also poor for marketers – who can’t assign users into different buckets based on how well each user scored.

For example, imagine you were a financial planner offering a ‚How much do you actually know about retirement planning?‘

  • People who score below 50% could be marked as ‚Need to be educated‘ prospects, and sent your introductory drip campaign around pensions.
  • Folks who got 50% or more could be sent different messages, based on their deeper knowledge.

Looking closer, it looks like you can create a custom ‘result block’ to craft your own thank you message. But you still can’t set up different result types – like 0-50% „You need to learn more about pension planning!“.

Outcome quiz (Personality test)

LeadQuizzes also offers their version of a ‚personality test‘ module, called an ‚outcome quiz‘.

This is the quiz type that will the most useful for marketers – because this type of quiz format does not have ‚right‘ or ‚wrong‘ answers.

Instead, it returns an overall result, based on each user’s responses. There is a huge range of use cases for this type of quiz, including product recommendations (‘You should buy X’), personality profiles, risk assessments, and more.

LeadQuizzes does support multiple results in this quiz format – you can see in our careers example below that you could either get ‚You should work in an office‘ or ‚You should work outside‘.

However, LeadQuizzes only lets you map results in a simplistic, direct way.

Take a look at our sample question „Do you prefer to work outside or in an office?“

  • If you answered ‚A – Inside a comfy office‘, we (unsurprisingly) mapped this to the ‚You should work in an office.‘
  • ‚B – Out in the fresh air‘ links to ‚You should work outside.
  • At the end of the quiz, you get the result with the most answers mapped to it.

This is fine for basic use cases – but it’s not nearly nuanced or sophisticated enough for more complicated scenarios. LeadQuizzes personality test is ‚all or nothing‘ – there is no room for shades of grey.

Most of the better quiz makers (like Qzzr) use a more subtle weighted system, because each answer choice can mean different things.

Take a look at how Riddle does it – you can map different amounts of points for each answer, to multiple result types.

You can see that in their ‚What’s your dream house?‘ real estate quiz template. When asked ‚What your most important must have in a house?‘, someone who picked ‚big yard‘ would get 20 points for country living, but also 15 for suburbia, and 10 for tiny house living.

We’d encourage LeadQuizzes to add more flexibility and answer weighting to their outcome quiz module. It gives you much more flexibility as a quiz marketer.


At time of writing, LeadQuizzes does not offer any poll formats.


Alas, LeadQuizzes does not include a survey module in their quiz maker.

LeadQuizzes pricing

LeadQuizzes has taken a bold (and mostly positive) approach with their pricing model. Most SaaS companies (and every quiz maker we’ve reviewed) offer 3-5 plans, each with different features and capabilities.

But the team at LeadQuizzes has reversed this model.

In all of their plans, they offer the same features to everyone. You pick the plan based on how much you can use the tool – either by how many sites you can embed on, or how many times your quizzes can load for site visitors.

That’s pretty cool – it means that the entry-level plan has the same capabilities as the most expensive.

However, we’re less impressed with the low usage caps – they count a visitor as someone who lands on your page where your quiz lives. So, the start plan only lets you have 5,000 page visitors to your quiz page – not 5,000 quiz takers.

Imagine you’re running a marketing campaign, driving traffic from Facebook ads to a Leadquizzes personality test.

  • You’d get only 5,000 visitors with their Standard plan.
  • Assuming a 20% quiz start rate, that would get you 1,000 quiz takers.
  • Most quizzes get a 50% completion rate, so that brings you to 500.
  • And assuming 10% opt-in to your quiz lead generation form, that gets you just 50 leads for $50/month (that’s a $1 a lead + the cost of your Facebook ads).
  • And of course – a certain percentage number of these won’t be actual, high-quality likely customers.

A suggestion to the LeadQuizzes team – keep your excellent all features for all plans model.

But change your traffic caps for your Standard and Pro plans, from counting quiz visitors to actual quiz takers.

That’s much fairer – and a better value to business owners.

(Note: LeadQuizzes most expensive plan – ‚Premium‘ – includes unlimited visitors.)

Credit card required for a trial:

This is something that drives us crazy at Quiz Maker Review. LeadQuizzes makes you sign up with a credit card to even access their free trial.

That’s just annoying – they’re essentially hoping that a certain percentage of busy marketers will forget to cancel the trial.

A trial should be just that – a trial, with no strings attached. And your online quiz creator should be good enough that people should be excited to upgrade to a paid plan.

LeadQuizzes cancellation policy – remove your quizzes from your site

As part of our Leadquizzes review, we contacted their support – to ask ‚What happens to our quizzes if we decide to stop subscribing?‘

The answer wasn’t very positive – you’ll need to pay LeadQuizzes forever, or your quizzes would be ‚deactivated‘ and you’ll have big gaps in your website.

That’s not a big deal if you’re only making a single quiz – but painful if you’ve been creating a wide range of content over months and months.

This is surprisingly common – but we still think it’s very short-sighted.

Even Outgrow cheekily offers a 50% reduced ‚maintenance rate‘ – if you want to temporarily halt your account.

Don’t want to pay? Your quizzes are deleted.

To date, Riddle and Involve.me are the only quiz maker tools we’ve seen where your quizzes always stay live – even after you cancel. Your audience can keep taking them and you don’t have to worry about holes in your site.

Customer support

In line with their innovative approach to quiz maker pricing, LeadQuizzes offers the same level of customer support to all of the customers.

That’s the good news.

The bad? They have pretty limited support hours for their support chat – just 7 hours a day, and their response time is averaging a few hours.

That’s not great – again, today’s quiz marketers often have pressing questions, and need answers in minutes, not hours.

We also saw this review in Capterra – which shows a disgruntled user who tried and failed to reach their support for the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s.

We understand having a skeleton staff over key holidays – but today’s marketers will often having expensive campaigns running, and require customer support 365 days of the year.

Customer support availability is something else to think about if you’re considering LeadQuizzes.

(Very) limited quiz customization features

LeadQuizzes has clearly made a decision that ’simpler is better‘ with their quiz maker.

You can see that in their quiz customization options – you’re limited to:

  1. Colors
  2. Fonts
  3. Background image

That’s it.

No CSS editor, alternate layouts, or advanced features

LeadQuizzes doesn’t support key quiz customization options such as:

  • No CSS editor
  • No choice of layouts or styles
  • No flexibility in how and when to show scores
  • No quiz timer
  • English language only – no support for other languages
  • And so many more
LeadQuizzes limited customization options

This is pretty short-sighted. After all, each online quiz needs to reflect your site, brand, and marketing requirements.

Business-focused quiz makers like Riddle and Involve.me give creators near-total customization, so your quiz will blend and match your brand’s look and feel.

LeadQuizzes – picking a font

For example, let’s look at fonts.

  • LeadQuizzes offers just 12 standard fonts
  • You can’t upload your own or link to Google Fonts, Adobe Typekit, or other font tools.

What types of media types?

This is an area where LeadQuizzes is woefully behind its competitors.

They only allow you to:

  • Manually upload images
  • Include a YouTube video

That’s the bare minimum of what we’d expect from a quiz maker these days. Riddle crushes this area – with Vimeo, MP4 video, MP3 audio, Pexels stock photos, Google image search… even Twitter.

Typeform and Involve.me are also pretty good at integrating media options – as is Outgrow.

Images in LeadQuizzes

There are so many interesting free image sources like Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, and more – it would be easy to integrate into LeadQuizzes builder.

The advantage for busy marketers? Fast quiz creation. You can quickly search, find, and use images, directly from your quiz maker.

Instead, with LeadQuizzes, you have to manually find and save images, then download and reupload to your quiz. If a typical quiz has 10 questions with 3-4 options, that’s about 30-40 images per quiz, which amounts to a lot of unnecessary time and effort.

Videos in quizzes

You can also add videos into any ‚video block‘ on LeadQuizzes. That’s a good start – videos can boost engagement with quizzes, and are impactful than just text.

But there are some significant limitations with using videos on LeadQuizzes:

  • You can only use YouTube videos (no Vimeo or MP4 upload options)
  • Each video must be played entirely – you can’t set start/end points (e.g. „Show :15 to :27“)
  • No autoplay – requires users to click on each video
  • You can’t use in questions or answers – just as a stand alone ‚video block‘. That’s much less flexible.

No social sharing of results

LeadQuizzes does not support users sharing their quiz results using in-quiz social sharing to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and WhatsApp.


We’re were gobsmacked to discover this – only the quiz creator can share their quiz directly on Facebook or other social networks.

But online quizzes are inherently social – people love to share how they scored or what personality result they got.

It’s powerful for word of mouth marketing – and unlike almost every other quiz maker, LeadQuizzes does not support this free source of traffic for your quiz.


Branching logic

One of LeadQuizzes strong suits is their conditional logic feature – where users jump to different questions, based on their previous quiz answers.

For example, if you created a ‚Are you ready for a new car?‘ personality (or outcome) quiz.

You could use branching logic when asking ‚Do you have kids?‘.

  • Anyone who answered ‚Yes‘ would automatically go to the ‚You should buy a minivan or SUV‘ result, as that’s the best option for their needs.
  • Everyone else would continue answering additional questions.

This can be very useful for product recommendations and similar use cases.

However, conditional logic can get confusing, trying to keep track of all the outcomes from so many questions.

The only complaint we have with how LeadQuizzes implemented this feature – there’s no visual overview, showing all the branches and outcomes.

Lead generation with LeadQuizzes

Lead generation can be incredibly effective with interactive content like online quizzes or personality tests. Done right – you can grow your email lists, with 40-45% of all quiz takers filling in your lead form with their email address, name, and other personal information.

You can then automatically send all this data – and their quiz responses – to your favorite marketing tools like MailChimp, HubSpot, or Salesforce.

LeadQuizzes has a straightforward lead generation form builder. Featuring 14 fields, you can quickly drag and drop them to make your own form.

You can also customize the button call to action – from ‚Submit‘ to something more specific to your quiz or industry (e.g. ‚Enter to win‘ or ‚Book your test drive‘).

And you can also make your form required or optional, a key feature for most marketers. Mandatory forms get more leads – but at the risk of lower-quality leads from users who give fake details (‚Mickey@mickeymouse.com‘) to just get their results.

Optional forms, on the other hand, get fewer, but higher quality leads.

Data integrations

While we have some concerns over the lack of key functionality for their quiz formats, LeadQuizzes has done a good job in regards to data integrations.

They’ve developed a solid range of 8 native integrations to marketing software such as Klaviyo, HubSpot, and Drip. And they’ve added support for Facebook and Google tracking pixels.

LeadQuizzes is in the middle of the pack here – TryInteract, Survey Monkey, and Outgrow have the most native integrations.

Publishing your LeadQuizzes content

LeadQuizzes does a great job with providing lots (and lots!) of options to publish, share, and embed your quiz.

Our one grumble? You’ll have to embed some code directly on your site to utilize many of these features – that can be a bit tricky. But it’s well worth the effort.

Excellent embed code flexibility

LeadQuizzes embed codes are fully responsive – so they resize to smartphones, tablets and desktops. We love how they also include a full page option – which can be very useful.

Okay – moving on. We’re big fans of LeadQuizzes approach to SEO and privacy policy options:

  • Set your own <meta title> and <meta description> – help your quiz be discoverable on Google, Bing, and other search engines.
  • Add your own policy terms and link – especially important in this era of increased data regulations.
  • Cookie tracking alert – if you’re using cookies, you can show an alert to your quiz takers.
    • However, this does not let them opt-out – so you could be risking some liability from the GDPR here.

Embed in pop-up

We love this option. Most people will embed a quiz directly in their website – as a traffic magnet in a page or post.

But LeadQuizzes knows that quizzes are also great for encouraging users to stick around your site.

That’s why they let you launch a quiz as a pop-up to visitors, and you can customize:

  • Immediately after the page loads
  • After a time delay of X seconds
  • Exit intent (this is especially clever)
    • The pop up appears when the user’s cursor moves to the top of page – a sign they are about to leave.
  • Frequency – you can also set how many days between pop-ups, to avoid annoying frequent visitors.

You can also control targeting – deciding if you want to show to desktop, smartphone, and/or tablet users. Very slick.

Embed in announcement bar

Unique to LeadQuizzes, you can also add a customizable ‚take the quiz‘ bar across the top of your site, to drive more quiz takers.

Similar to LeadQuizzes‘ pop-up embed option, you can also control the targeting and frequency the bar appears for your audience.

Call to action buttons on your site

You can also choose to embed a customizable ‚call to action‘ button on your site – which, when clicked, opens your quiz as a pop-up or sends visitors to your quiz URL.

We really like this range of publish options from LeadQuizzes – we hope more quiz maker tools add more flexibility as well.

LeadQuizzes user interface (UX)

LeadQuizzes is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to being an intuitive online quiz maker.

The overall look and feel is well-laid out, with a clear ‚bread crumb‘ structure – showing how to progress through ‚Build > Design > Configure > Share > Reports‘.

You should be able to make a basic quiz in minutes.

There were some nice touches as well – such as giving the option to add/remove scoring and logic when you copy a quiz. We’d like to see other quiz makers add that option – it can be quite a time-saver.

But overall – we were let down by the lack of a FTE (first time user experience/tutorial). And we found it confusing to set up different results and scoring – rather than building it into each quiz question, you need to do that at the conditional logic step.

That’s needlessly complicated.

Expect a fairly high learning curve getting up to speed using LeadQuizzes for your marketing campaigns.

No multi-user or team features

Digging in a bit further, we discovered that Leadquizzes also lacks any sort of team or multi-user structure in their online quiz creator. It’s designed for individuals or small businesses only.

Imagine you’re, say, a marketing agency with 20 staff, and 30 clients:

  • You can’t have multiple people creating/editing quizzes at the same time.
  • You also won’t be able to make client-specific teams – so you can collaborate with your clients.
  • And there’s also no ability to copy quizzes between different sites.
    • You will need to manually recreate each quiz to use on different sites.

Quiz analytics and statistics

Creating a quiz and collecting leads on your site is just half of the quiz marketing equation.

You also need to measure how well your quiz is working from a marketing funnel perspective:

  • How many people saw your quiz?
  • Completed it?
  • Skipped or completed your quiz lead generation form?
  • Clicked on your call to action buttons – or visited your suggested URLs

Most quiz creators also find it useful to see an overview of how their audience answered their quiz:

  • Question by question breakdown
  • How many people got result A, result B, etc.

LeadQuizzes – quiz maker analytics

LeadQuizzes offers what we would consider a basic statistics module at best.

On the plus side, you can see:

  • Views (visits to your quiz page)
  • Quiz completes

But strangely – you can’t:

  1. See how many leads you got
  2. View quiz stats across all your quizzes
  3. Downloads your quiz stats as a CSV file to use in Excel for stakeholders or client reports

If these are pain points for you, check out Typeform, TryInteract, and Riddle – they all provide much more in-depth quiz maker analytics modules.

GDPR & data privacy

We live in an era of increasing global data and privacy regulations. The EU’s GDPR is the most famous example – but California has introduced their own (the CCPA), and Canada followed suit with their PIPEDA.

And since quiz makers collect personal information, and you’re financially responsible for your quizzes data privacy, we always conduct an exhaustive privacy analysis of each quiz maker we review.

(Guilty confession: We know very few people ever read privacy policies – but we’re big-time quiz and data protection geeks, so included these highlights.)

LeadQuizzes trackers and cookies

Let’s start things off with trackers and cookies.

Every Leadquizzes quiz you embed loads a Google Tag Manager tag. This is risky from a data privacy perspective – because LeadQuizzes can add any other tracking to their GTM set up without your knowledge.

True, at the time of our review, the only tag loaded through Google Tag Manager is Google Analytics (for tracking). But both Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics are not permitted under the EU’s GDPR regulations – because they will track IP addresses and other personal information.

This is especially true because LeadQuizzes does not provide a way for your quiz takers to opt out of being tracked.

Google Fonts – loaded from Google

Another strike against LeadQuizzes?

They load their Google Fonts directly from Google instead of self-hosting the font. That’s also forbidden by the GDPR, because using Google-hosted fonts lets Google track your quiz takers‘ personal identifiable information (PII).

Hosting is by U.S.-owned Amazon (AWS)

We investigated how Leadquizzes is hosted and delivered – and found all content is hosted on the Amazon AWS cloud.

That’s a convenient service for start-ups, but it’s illegal to host on any of these American cloud services companies. There was a huge court case recently that cancelled the U.S./E.U. Privacy Shield, since any information stored in the cloud can be accessed by U.S. government authorities.

(That even applies to E.U. data centers, operated by these American companies.)

Another warning sign? LeadQuizzes states in their privacy policy that they may transfer personally identifiable information to regions with less protective laws than the region where the user resides (Section 13.4).

This section alone renders the entire service non-compliant in regards to GDPR – but they go further.

LeadQuizzes also says (in section 15.2) that they will share users‘ account information with law enforcement without needing a subpoena, court order or warrant. That alone is enough to rule out LeadQuizzes for collecting any private user information, such as from medical or psychological quizzes.

Another weird thing? LeadQuizzes‘ privacy policy (https://www.leadquizzes.com/privacy-policy/) refers only to their staging environment (www.leadquizzes-staging.ncpb9uek-liquidwebsites.com) and not their live website.

This might be a small oversight, but it might also render their privacy policy useless. We’re not lawyers – but that’s yet another reason to be cautious.

Collecting IP addresses and ad tracking

In Section 6, LeadQuizzes also says that they may collect the user’s IP address and combine this information with other information they collect about the user. They don’t clearly specify if this refers to quiz creators (which is OK) or from the audience from where the quizzes are embedded (VERY bad).

It keeps getting worse.

LeadQuizzes also reserves the right to serve targeted advertising (Section 13.2). They don’t specify what types of ads, so that seems to indicate they reserve the right to serve ads to quiz takers (using ad tags through their Google Tag Manager set up – which we flagged above).

No Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

We could not find a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) on their website – which is a critical part of the E.U.’s GDPR requirements.

They might have one – but based on how many dodgy practices we’ve found (listed above), it will be more or less useless.

LeadQuizzes – non-GDPR-compliant

We can’t recommend you use LeadQuizzes from a GDPR or data privacy standpoint.

Their privacy terms openly state they will share your quiz takers‘ data with:

  • Government agencies
  • Partners and advertisers
  • Plus targeting their own ads

By embedding a Leadquizzes quiz on your website, you will leave yourself open to potential legal claims for GDPR violations – no matter where your business is based in the world.

LeadQuizzes could easily fix many of these issues to become GDPR-compliant.

They would just need to:

  • Tighten up their privacy policy
  • Remove Google Tag Manager
  • Offer EU based hosting with a non-U.S. vendor

LeadQuizzes – our recommendation

LeadQuizzes was very innovative when it launched their quiz platform in 2015. However, they have not kept up with constant changes to quiz tool space.

LeadQuizzes feels very much like 2015 software trying to keep up in a 2021 world – it has only two quiz types for content creation. Plus, while we love its flexible publishing options, LeadQuizzes is missing dozens of must-have features that we’ve seen on other online quiz creator tools.

We can only recommend LeadQuizzes for very basic use cases – and for businesses that are not overly concerned with customization options to match their site and brand’s look and feel.

Add in the GDPR and privacy issues, and you’re looking at a less capable quiz maker that collects your audience’s data without their consent.


Quiz Maker Review’s rating for LeadQuizzes

  • Range of quiz formats: ★★☆☆☆
  • Customization options: ★★☆☆☆
  • Lead generation: ★★★★☆
  • Data privacy: ★☆☆☆☆
  • Pricing: ★★★☆☆
  • Overall: ★★☆☆☆