Survey Anyplace: our in-depth review

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Survey Anyplace is one of the older quiz maker tools we’ve reviewed. Founded back in 2012 by Stefan DeBois and Mark Penson as an iPad quiz builder app, they’re a small team based in Antwerp, Belgium – whose quiz creator has broadened considerably in scope since then.

Survey Anyplace is all about opt-in marketing, where both the survey taker and the survey creator get something from the experience. As they put it, “The focus on returning value to the respondent has remained at the core of Survey Anyplace.”

After reviewing their quiz creator software, it’s clear the team at Survey Anyplace has focused heavily on surveys (like their name indicates) instead of interactive quizzes and personality tests.

We would categorize them as a more graphically-friendly Survey Monkey (but with fewer data integrations), vs. a quiz maker with a wider range of interactive content like Riddle, Outgrow, or

QMR’s rating for Survey Anyplace

  • Range of quiz formats: ★★☆☆☆
  • Customization options: ★★☆☆☆
  • Lead generation: ★★☆☆☆
  • Data privacy: ★☆☆☆☆
  • Pricing: ★★★☆☆
  • Overall: ★★☆☆☆

The TL;DR summary about Survey Anyplace

Okay – if you’re pressed for time, here’s our high-level overview about Survey Anyplace’s quiz maker.

We like their wide range of question types, as well as their original features around survey security and especially their ‘offline’ kiosk mode – perfect for exhibitors and in-person events.

But Survey Anyplace is very much let down by its clunky interface, limited quiz formats and features, no native data integrations, and very poor data privacy.

We’d recommend Survey Anyplace only if you’re exclusively focused on surveys – and aren’t a fan of Survey Monkey.

Otherwise, we suggest you check out our other quiz maker reviews.

Here are some tips – are you looking for:

  • The widest variety of formats and 100% GDPR-compliant? Try Riddle (winner of our Editor’s Choice Award).
  • Clever calculators (e.g. mortage calculators)? Check out Outgrow.
  • LOTS of native data integrations? You need to look at TryInteract and Typeform (but be cautious about their data privacy policies)

Survey Anyplace pricing

Survey Anyplace follows many of the same SaaS pricing features of other online quiz makers – with three plans giving different features and usage. Here are the main points:

  • 7 day free trial – they offer a week’s free trial but only on their Essential and Pro plans and features.
    • You can’t test out their Enterprise features – which seems short-sighted.
    • But thankfully, they don’t require a credit card just to try out the tool. That’s one of our team’s biggest annoyances when reviewing quiz maker tools.
  • Low monthly usage – each plan includes relatively low permitted usage. Essential gives you just 400 responses per month for $39/month, and Professional caps things at 2,000.
    • Those are very low limits – if you’re using a quiz for a marketing funnel, you can easily generate up to 10,000+ responses per month.
    • By comparison, Riddle offers completely unlimited usage on all plans, while TryInteract offers 5,000 and 10,000 leads.
  • White labelling included on all plans – we really liked how they made white labelling part of all their plans.
    • Most online quiz maker tools limit that to their mid- and high-priced tiers.
  • No moneyback guarantee – this is unusual. If you decide Survey Anyplace is not for you, you can’t get a refund in the first month.
    • Almost every other tool we’ve reviewed offers a 30 day moneyback guarantee.

How for much for Survey Anyplace Enterprise?

Another of our pet peeves has to be the ‘ask us for pricing’ button. It adds an extra step for potential customers to even see if the service fits their budget.

Survey Anyplace does the same thing with their Enterprise plan – so we did some investigation and found out some details for you:

  • €99/month or €999/year
  • Limited to just 5000 responses/month
  • 1 administrator (we assume additional log-ins are extra)
  • They also let you create a white labelled URL for an extra €125/year and €100 one-off

ReportR add-on product

  • SurveyAnyplace also has a separate product called ReportR – designed around personalized PDF reports for each quiz taker. Good idea – but they don’t list the price, just ‘ask us for a quote’.
    • In our experience, that means it’s expensive – they don’t want to scare potential customers off by sharing the price publicly.

Can you use images, videos, audio, & GIFs?

Survey Anyplace is below average in offering support for multimedia in their quiz maker. Images are important – but the best quizzes strategically add rich media such as animated GIFs, videos, or audio.

In fact, we recommend a 70/30 rule – with 70% of your quiz questions using image or text, and the other 30% video, audio, or animated GIFs.

This creates a more immersive, engaging quiz experience – which means more people will finish (and share) your quiz. We have a good rule of thumb when it comes to adding rich media to quizzes:

Let’s talk about Survey Anyplace. On the plus side, they make it easy to use your images:

  • Your device
  • Your Facebook account
  • Your Instagram account
  • Your Google Drive account

However, Survey Anyplace does not include any of the increasingly popular image and video libraries like Pixabay, Giphy, or Unsplash.

Marketers are incredibly busy – savvy quiz maker tools make it easy to search and add images from within the quiz interface. It saves time and provides high-quality images to help quizzes ‘pop’ more on the screen.

No crop tool

We also didn’t see an in-quiz crop tool.

Survey Anyplace should really add this – it’s another big time-saver, letting you quickly crop any image to the perfect fit for your quiz question – without having to go to PhotoShop.

Limited video support

Survey Anyplace does support YouTube and Vimeo video integration – but, and this is key, you can’t set custom start and endpoints.

  • Imagine you have a 10-minute video on YouTube that you’d like to use.
  • The question only relates to 15 seconds of the clip.
  • Wouldn’t it be better if you could just show that part of the clip, vs. making users watch the whole thing?

Yup, we think so too.

But Survey Anyplace doesn’t allow that – instead, you either have to show the whole video, or make your own shorter clip, then upload that to YouTube.

We also didn’t see ‘autoplay’ or ‘loop’ options. Autoplay in particular is key – by automatically playing the video, it saves a click for users, which boosts quiz completion rates.

No audio support

Asking questions is surprisingly useful for quiz marketers – language teachers love it, but you can also cheekily ask ‘Name the voice’, ‘What’s the next song lyric?’ and more.

Alas, Survey Anyplace doesn’t support MP3 or audio clips.

Lead generation with Survey Anyplace

Collecting leads is the #1 reason marketers turn creating online quizzes.

Quizzes captures – and holds – visitors’ interest through the three to five minute quiz experience. If you present a lead form between the last question and the users results, when they’re most emotionally engaged, you’ll get up to 35-45% of quiz takers to opt-in and fill in your form.

Sample Survey Anyplace lead generation form

You can then send all this quiz data to your favorite marketing software, such as Salesforce or Klavijo, and send out personalized follow up drip emails to each lead, to convert them to happy customers.

Survey Anyplace has their own quiz lead generation module – which lets you collect basic information from your quiz takers.

It’s a bit old-fashioned – with limited numbers of field types. It’s not really a drag/drop form builder – and also lacks the important feature of making an entire form optional.

Gating quiz results behind a lead form is a popular tactic with marketers. However, we prefer to make them optional – and persuade people to sign up with a compelling call to action or offer.

Sure, you’ll get fewer, but higher-quality responses (and less ‘’ entries from people who just want their results. And best of all, you won’t annoy any uninterested users by requiring their e-mail address.

No native integrations

Survey Anyplace really falls down when it comes to native integrations, so their users can sync quiz data with their marketing software.

That’s a big weakness – they support the fewest tools of any major quiz maker we’ve reviewed:

  • Zapier
  • Integromat
  • Google Sheets

Both Zapier and Integromat connect to hundreds or thousands of software tools – but that means you need to budget for an additional paid subscription.

If you plan on using Survey Anyplace to collect the 2,000 responses a month allowed under their Professional plan, that means you’ll have to buy the $73.50/month Zapier Professional plan.


Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics & Tag Manager

Survey Anyplace does make it pretty easy to integrate your Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or Google Tag Manager accounts with your quiz – these are useful in tracking and optimizing any online marketing efforts you’re doing with your online quiz.

Send quiz results by email

One nice touch is Survey Anyplace’s email builder.

This can be quite useful – you can send out personalized quiz result emails with no technical set up. It includes nice logic settings – so you can send emails based if users get a certain score, result, or question answer.

What types of quiz formats with Survey Anyplace?

Okay, now let’s dive into the nitty-gritty about using Survey Anyplace – creating a quiz.

As their name indicates, Survey Anyplace started as a survey maker, and that is still their developers’ primary focus.

You can only create three types of content with Survey Anyplace:

  1. Survey: this format questions and collects data from your audience (“Employee satisfaction survey”)
  2. Quiz: ask questions with right or wrong answers (“How much do you know about pension planning?”)
  3. Personality test: Survey Anyplace offers a rudimentary ‘personality quiz’ format, returning an overall result based on each user’s quiz responses (“What is your ideal career?”)


We’re going to start with Survey Anyplace’s best format – their survey.

They’ve done a very nice job with this module – it combines many of the best features of Survey Monkey, but in a more graphically interesting format for the users.

Just check out all of these question types Survey Anyplace offers:

  • Single or multiple choice text
  • Short answer
  • Pick an image
  • Image upload (great idea!)
  • Slider
  • Rank your preferences
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Rating
  • Continuous sum (We had to look this one up – it adds up the user’s entries for a total score.)

Combine that with Survey Anyplace’s fairly flexible branching or conditional logic tool, and you can ask different questions for each user – based on their responses.

  • For example, imagine you ask “Are you a smoker?” in a health survey.
  • You could then follow up with additional questions for people who answer yes (e.g. “How often do you smoke?” and “What type of cigarettes?”).

Online quiz

Okay – let’s check out the quiz module for Survey Anyplace.

This format is not as well thought-out as their survey module. Essentially, Survey Anyplace lets you convert a limited number of their question types to ‘quiz questions’.

While they offer a great range of question types for their survey, Survey Anyplace only offers the ‘convert to quiz question’ option on:

  1. Text choice
  2. Image choice

They’re essentially the same type of single or multiple-choice question. In most online quiz creator software, they combine them.

Survey Anyplace does something strange.

You can either ask a question with the main quiz image (using their ‘text choice’ block) and text answer options. Or, you can ask a text-only question and then have image answers (‘image choice’ block).

That’s confusing, it took us a while to figure out that we had to create completely new questions if we want to change from text to image choices.

On the plus side, we like Survey Anyplace’s flexible scoring – this is a great feature that we wished more online quiz maker tools would emulate.

Most tools let you pick right or wrong answers, and make right answers worth a certain value. For example, if you asked “Who is Luke Skywalker’s dad?”, you would give users who answered “Darth Vader” all the points.

Survey Anyplace takes it one step further.

You can give every answer a different score. Some correct answers might be more correct than others, or your wrong choices might be better or worse. So in our example, Darth Vader is the only correct answer – so users would get four points. But Yoda is not a horrible choice – since he was a bit of a father figure to Luke.

In this case, although it’s marked incorrect, you can still give the user two points for a good guess.

But Han Solo would be both wrong and get zero points.

Extra quiz customization options

We also heartily approve of some of the extra customization options Survey Anyplace provides:

  • Shuffle answers – make retaking the quiz more difficult. Instead of keeping answer options as A, B, C, D, you can randomize them (e.g. B, C, A, D). We wish this functionality extended to the quiz question order though (e.g. #5, #1, #9).
  • Choice of columns – choose to display question in one column or two.

If you’re looking for good alternatives, consider making a TryInteract quiz or our Editor’s Choice Award winner Riddle.

Survey Anyplace – personality test

Are you looking to use quizzes for marketing? Personality tests (AKA personality quizzes) are some of the most powerful (and viral) quiz formats.

Instead of merely asking questions with right or wrong answers, personality tests go deeper – and provide an overall result or recommendation based on each user’s overall answers.

We’ve seen savvy marketers use personality tests for everything from:

  • Product recommendations – “What type of <your product> is right for you?”
  • Health assessments – “Are you suffering from stress?”
  • Mentoring or coaching – “What type of leader are you?”

Survey Anyplace: good design, bad score mapping

Next up? Let’s talk about design.

When it comes to creating a personality test, a quiz maker needs to consider how the quiz will look and feel for the user.

Survey Anyplace has a simple but effective layout for their personality test module. The questions are each displayed over a background image.

In this example, you can see we’ve created two slider text questions – both displayed on one page. Simple and effective.

The tricky part has to do with calculating what the overall scores mean.

And this where is Survey Anyplace does, frankly, a very poor job.

If you look at the better personality test makers we’ve reviewed (Riddle does a very good job, but also consider TryInteract), they’re based on ‘mapping’.

The quiz creator maps each response to a result (or results) – and at the end, the user is shown the personality result(s) with the most responses.

Survey Anyplace does something different – assigning all the points for a response to just one result.

Let’s go back to using Star Wars as an example – for a ‘Which Jedi are you?’:

  • There are three possible results: Luke, Darth Vader, and Yoda
  • Imagine a user answers ‘Yes’ to “Do you like the color back?”
  • Survey Anyplace assigns all the points to Darth Vader – since that is the ‘most’ relevant.

But that’s not very nuanced.

We prefer how Riddle does it – they let you assign, say 20 points to Darth Vader (since he REALLY loves black). But you can also give 8 points to Luke – who has a certain fondness for the dark side.

That’s much better for sophisticated personality tests and assessments. For this reason, Survey Anyplace’s personality quiz is suitable only for very basic use cases.


Alas, Survey Anyplace does not offer an online poll option.

It’s a shame really because it would be such an easy thing to add to their excellent survey tools.

  • The only difference between a survey and a poll? A survey collects data and doesn’t show the results to the user.
  • Polls, on the other hand, give instant feedback to the user about how their votes match up with the wider community.

Basically, Survey Anyplace would just need to change their survey, so users could see that X% of people voted for option A, and Y% voted for B.

Looking to add polls to engage your audience?

Check out and Riddle – we like‘s standard poll; it has a nice user-friendly design. Riddle lets you choose from five different types of polls – from sliders to multiple choice.

Scratch card and slot machine widgets

Okay, we admit that we were super excited – then disappointed – when we saw that Survey Anyplace offers both scratchcard and slot machine question types.

The idea is great, and unique to Survey Anyplace You add a quick hit engagement game, either in another quiz or as a standalone experience.

You can:

  • Set the parameters – what % of people win or lose?
  • Customize the branding – you can add a custom scratch layer, using your branding, for example.

However, these features seem like half-finished ideas:

  • The card and slot machine just let you play – then see a message (‘You win!’).
  • But then what?
  • We would have loved to redirect winners to another URL – to give them special offers, or show them a link to download a coupon.

Slot machine – can’t white label

The slot machine feels a bit cheesy. You have to use their standard images of cherries, 7’s, and bars.

It would be have been so easy to allow users to upload their own images for each – creating a 100% branded experience.

For example, they have their logo hard-coded into the app. If you get 3 Survey Anyplace logos, you win.

But we couldn’t swap our logo for the Survey Anyplace logo – which means it is not suitable for any serious brands or marketers.

User interface and ease of use

Brace yourselves – we’re about to be pretty blunt.

Tech companies like Survey Anyplace face a challenge when they’re one of the earliest innovators. It’s tempting to rest on your laurels and avoid any deep innovation or profound changes to your platform.

The problem is that other, more development-driven startups pop up to challenge your position in the market. You can see this with Riddle, Outgrow, and Typeform.

We’ve already identified many key weaknesses for Survey Anyplace’s online quiz maker.

Now it’s time to add another one – their overall UX and ease of use are… clunky.

Don’t get us wrong – Survey Anyplace does the job it needs to. But their design is outdated – it feels very 2014. And it’s very confusing to use – their team seems like they just placed new features in weird locations, without considering the effect on the user.

Let’s talk through a few examples to illustrate:

Home page / dashboard

Survey Anyplace’s dashboard is pretty painful.

Unlike pretty much every quiz maker we’ve covered, you don’t get a list of all of your quizzes – along with stats around starts, completes, leads, and so on.

Nope – instead, Survey Anyplace users get a cluttered home page, with a large purple box, with minimal information.

  • No ‘create a quiz’ button – Strangely, Survey Anyplace hides the main thing their users come to do. To create a quiz, you have to realize “Ah, that’s in the ‘Questionaires’ section”, click there, then click again to start creating.
  • 35% devoted to blog posts – It looks like Survey Anyplace’s content team had a big say in the design. We’re all for educating your users about new features or use cases – but a whopping 1/3rd of the home page is devoted to blog posts.
  • Wasted white space – this could be signs of an aging code base. Look at all the unused white space below each widget. Our guess is that the dashboard has not been optimized to keep pace with the latest browser technology – again, it feels very 2014.

Social sharing

We’ve already touched on this – but just to reiterate… it makes no sense to have a ‘sharing’ tab, then bury all the social sharing features in the ‘Extra Options’.

  • Turning Facebook sharing? – that’s tucked way, way down, under ‘Social media options’
  • Creating sharing messages – we completely missed it the first few times. This is tucked into the question logic section.

Custom scoring features – very confusing

The best online quiz makers are intuitive – they are designed so that users don’t need to read the text to figure out how a feature works.

Survey Anyplace has a pretty impressive range of features; however, they’re placed in strange places (like social sharing), or poorly labeled and explained.

Let’s look at their ‘Custom Scoring’ feature. It has two options:

  • Custom Score
  • Score Weights

Now, our team at Quiz Maker Review specializes in analyzing and using quiz software. After all our testing of Survey Anyplace, we still don’t have any idea what these features do.

(A note to Survey Anyplace – even if you can’t do a full redesign, consider adding help icons, that when moused over, display more text and links to your help documentation, to assist confused users.)

Survey Monkey – customization and white labelling

We’d have to place Survey Monkey in the middle of the pack when it comes to how much you can customize and white-label your survey or quiz.

First off, kudos to them – all of their plans are white-labeled, allowing you to hide the Survey Anyplace logo and add your own. Most quiz creator tools (like Outgrow or Leadquizzes) limit this to their mid- and high-level plans.

Choosing quiz colors

Survey Anyplace gives a decent range of color options – letting you pix hex colors for things like backgrounds and buttons.

But we loved their idea of a custom color scheme based on your logo. Survey Anyplace must have realized that most marketers and quiz creators aren’t designers – and left to their own devices, will choose pretty ugly color options.

They give folks like this an easy option – simply upload your color logo. Survey Anyplace analyzes it and creates a suggested color scheme around your particular brand. Simple, easy, and very effective.

Picking a quiz font

Survey Anyplace supports a wide range of preset fonts, through their Google Fonts integration. The downside is that they are serving these fonts from Google, which means Google is tracking your quiz takers.

(We recommend they just download all the Google fonts, and self-host on their own servers. That’s the approach we’ve seen with Riddle.)

There are two other major downsides to how Survey Anyplace handles fonts:

  1. One font size per quiz – you can only choose one preset font size quiz-wide (e.g. ‘Large’). Most marketers will need more control than that – using different sizes for each element, such as ‘Quiz title = 30px’ and ‘Question answers = 20px’.
  2. No custom fonts – SurveyAnyplace also doesn’t seem to support custom fonts. If your brand or client has a unique font, you won’t be able to upload or link it. This means your quiz won’t blend seamlessly with your site – instead, it will feel like an embedded 3rd party widget.

No custom CSS editing?

We were surprised to see that Survey Anyplace doesn’t let you modify your quiz with CSS.

CSS editing is practically expected by any serious quiz marketer – because it gives you full control over every aspect of the quiz experience. The goal? Just like using custom fonts, CSS will let you tweak every part of your quiz – so it perfectly matches your site’s look and feel.

  • Want to change the borders? Use CSS.
  • Modify the hover-state when buttons are selected? CSS, once again.
  • Change font sizes? CSS, CSS, and CSS

Survey Anyplace mentions they support it in their most expensive plan – but we couldn’t see it anywhere, so we suspect they recently removed this option.

Quiz and poll security

Survey Anyplace stands out from most quiz maker software when it comes to their approach to survey access.

You can see below – they give their customers a much wider range of options to control access to their surveys and quizzes, including:

  • Create a password
  • Make multiple access codes
  • Limit # of survey responses by device (using cookies)
  • Limit # of survey responses by contact

Most quizzes and online content are designed to capture as much engagement and information as possible – but there are definitely use cases where a business might want to limit who participates (and how often).

Publishing your Survey Anyplace quiz

Right – so once you’re crafted your questions, inserted your images, and set your scoring, you’re ready to embed your online quiz masterpiece on your site.

Publishing is another area where Survey Anyplace gets mixed results.

On the plus side, Survey Anyplace is designed for full page, high impact experiences. You can experience that in this example from one of their clients – it looks great when used on the entire page.

You can also select your custom URL for an extra 125 euros per year and a 100 euros set up cost:

  1. Using SurveyAnyplace’s domain:
  2. White lable link on your own:

That’s a nice touch – proving their own link is a big help for non-technical marketers.

Don’t want a full page quiz? We also like how they support both iFrames and scripts for publishing options.

But beware – the popular iFrame option does not automatically resize to the user’s screen.

That’s how most quiz creators embed quizzes, since using scripts takes an additional level of technical knowledge.

This is a huge weakness – responsive quizzes have been around since 2015. With 50-60% of users on smartphones, having to scroll up and across to view the entire quiz is a horrible user experience.

Survey Anyplace – social sharing

This is another feature where Survey Anyplace needs to put in more development resources.

Quizzes are some of the most shared online content – yet they only support Facebook.

Survey Anyplace should really look at adding social sharing for:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Messenger

Only Facebook sharing – and it’s very confusing

Making matter worse, Survey Anyplace’s confusing user interface (we’ve already covered this earlier) means it’s really hard to figure how to actually set up social sharing of quiz results.

Bear in mind, our team reviews online quiz maker sites every day. If we can’t figure out how to find and use a feature, it’s pretty clear that the user interface needs serious improvement.

  • First off – we clicked on the ‘Share’ tab. That’s a natural place to find all things related to sharing, right?
  • Wrong. We found the first social sharing elements in Survey Anyplace – buried deep in their ‘Extra Options’.
  • Looking more closely – we only saw an ‘add Facebook’ button, with no options to customize the ways users can share their quiz results.

People don’t share quiz links (e.g. “Take the Savvy Saver Quiz!”) – they share their personal quiz results with their friends (like “I just got 19/20 on the Savvy Saver Quiz – I’m a genius!”).

The reason? We humans tend to be a little vain – and love sharing things about ourselves with our friends.

Right, so imagine our surprise we later stumbled across this type of social sharing, again buried deep in ‘Extra Options’ > ‘Outcomes’.

The good news – Survey Anyplace does support customized social sharing.

The bad? It’s still limited to Facebook, and it’s very confusing to find and use.

Survey Anyplace customer support

Most modern online quiz maker software tools are pretty intuitive, and it’s generally fairly easy to get started. But customer service is still critical.

Questions have a way of popping up – especially when it comes to sending your quiz data to your favorite marketing software.

And we’ve already touched on Survey Anyplace’s confusing design and layout – so you might just need a hand finding a particular feature.

We tested their online customer support chat and their team did about average – it took 1.5 to 2 hours to get a response.

That’s pretty slow, especially if you have an issue with a quiz at a high-profile event or in a paid advertising campaign.

On the plus side, Survey Anyplace gives the same level of customer service to all plans. (This is in stark relief to TryInteract and Typeform – who limit live chat support to their top plans.)

Survey Anyplace – data privacy & GDPR-compliance

Okay – let’s take it from the top. Data privacy regulations are becoming ever-more prevalent. You have the EU’s GDPR, California’s CCPA, Canada’s PIPEDA, and more – and violating these can cost big money (like Amazon’s recent $887 million GDPR fine).

We’ll stick to the GDPR – but many of the principles are the same across the different regulations. If you pick a GDPR-compliant quiz maker, you should be safe with all of them.

Survey Anyplace is a Belgian company – as part of the EU, you would think that should make their team be very GDPR-conscious.

But, just like Typeform and – being European doesn’t mean they qualify.

In fact, Survey Anyplace is definitely not a GDPR-compliant online quiz creator.

To date, German-based Riddle is the only quiz maker we’ve tested that maxed our review, by the way.)

Multiple GDPR violations

#1 Tracking quiz takers via Google Fonts – First off, Survey Anyplace loads their fonts directly from – instead of hosting them on their servers. Google adds tracking that sends personal data to Google in the USA when serving their fonts, so this is a clear violation of the GDPR.

#2 U.S. cloud storage – next up, Survey Anyplace is using American-owned cloud storage (Amazon’s AWS). 

Based on their privacy policy and also based on our research, the sample quiz we created was served from Amazon’s AWS servers based in the USA.

Using a U.S. company to serve content is another GDPR violation, even if the actual servers are placed in the EU. By the way, their privacy policy does not specify their server locations (https://Survey 

#3 Flawed (and hard to find) privacy policy and data processing agreement – another key step towards being a GDPR-compliant online quiz creator is providing a clear, accurate list of the types of data being collected by quiz takers.

We – finally! – found their legally-required data processing agreement (buried way at the bottom: https://Survey, only to then discover it’s not complete. 

The data processing agreement only mentions the hosting provider (Amazon) as a subprocessor but fails to mention their analytics software Raygun.

(Side note to Raygun: Your tagline says “Nobody gives you more detail”. That’s kinda creepy – as quiz creators, we would be very hesitant to add your code along with a Survey Anyplace quiz to our site… we won’t have any control over what data you collect.)

The (very) faint silver lining? We didn’t see any cookies being added to your embedded Survey Anyplace quizzes. 

However, since their privacy policy doesn’t explain what data they’re collecting, we have to assume Survey Anyplace is tracking IP address (another GDPR violation) without the ability to opt-out. 

#4 Your quiz data is THEIR quiz data – Survey Anyplace gives themselves broad rights to how they use your data in their terms and conditions.

For example, in Section 7.3, they say: 

“The Client hereby grants Survey Anyplace a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, non-revocable, sublicensable, transferable, perpetual (with as a minimum the duration of the Intellectual Property Rights) license to use, copy, store, modify, transmit and display such Client Data (including any other content and information provided, transmitted or uploaded through the Online Software Services) for the performance of its obligations under this Agreement and to improve the functioning and provision of the Online Software Service.”

– Survey Anyplace terms and conditions (section 7.3)

Ouch. That means they can pretty much use your data however they want.

#5 Don’t hire an ex-Survey Anyplace employee – you could have to pay Survey Anyplace six months’ of their wages as a penalty.

This falls in the ‘WTF?’ category of really, really bad decisions by SaaS companies.

Being quiz and contract geeks, we found this gem in Survey Anyplace’s user terms (section 18).

If you ever hire someone who is working for Survey Anyplace or contracts with them, you owe the company six monthly salaries in damages. 

Insane, right?

  • Let’s suppose you’re the head of marketing at a massive company, like Ford.
  • You decide to hire a good employee – who just happens to have worked at Survey Anyplace.
  • But unknown to you, your Italian division has been using Survey Anyplace for the past year.
  • Just like that – you could be on the hook for six months of their wages.
  • If they’re an executive on, say, $250,000 a year – you’re looking at $125,000 in damages to Survey Anyplace.

Here’s the ridiculous language in Survey Anyplace’s user terms:

“For the Term of this Agreement and for a period of two (2) years thereafter, the Client shall not recruit, nor employ any agents, contractors, employees or representatives (directly or indirectly) employed or contracted by Survey Anyplace and introduced in connection with the performance of the Agreement, unless expressly agreed to in writing by Survey Anyplace. In case of breach of this clause by the Client, the Client shall pay to Survey Anyplace an amount equal to six (6) times the monthly gross income of the agent, contractor, employee or representative concerned”

– Survey Anyplace terms and conditions (section 18)

Sure – this would probably never stand up in court. But just the sheer chutzpah or nerve to even include this text… it’s mind-boggling.

We’d recommending avoiding Survey Anyplace until they change this legal language.

If data privacy is important to you, we’d highly recommend a look at Riddle – they’re the only online quiz maker that received a perfect score for GDPR compliance and data privacy.

Survey Anyplace – our overall review

Right, so big thanks for making it to the end of our comprehensive review of Survey AnyPlace!

This happens a lot – we find we’ve written a ‘War and Peace’-size post about the tools we cover. We’re obviously passionate about helping business and brands create quizzes to engage or collect data from their audience.

Wrapping things up, Survey Anyplace is one of those tools that wows on the first impression – only to let you down as you start using the quiz creator software.

Our first impressions included:

  • “Well done, Survey Anyplace is crushing it when it comes to question types and branching logic!”
  • “A kiosk mode? Being able to limit quiz takers to one response by device? Yes, please.”
  • “Slot machines? Scratch cards? How original!”

Alas, our first impressions quickly faded as we started creating a quiz with Survey Anyplace.

  • Clunky, confusing interface – “Wait – where’s social sharing? And how do I set up results for a personality test?”
  • Limited images, video, audio support – “Only uploading images and YouTube? No audio clips or MP4 video? What about searching and adding assets from Unsplash, Giphy, or other libraries? “
  • Minimal customization – “We like the basic customization options, but no CSS or custom fonts? That’s a deal-breaker for brands and publishers.”
  • No native data integrations to CRM tools – “Hm, you mean I also have to buy a Zapier subscription to connect to MailChimp, HubSpot, and other tools?”
  • Non-responsive embed codes – “I like the full page look – but their embed codes mean quizzes don’t resize automatically for smartphones if I embed on my own pages.”

Okay, so you get the idea.

Choose Survey Anyplace for your online quiz creator if you are:

  • Primarily interested in surveys (not quizzes) – Survey Anyplace is like a bit more intuitive Survey Monkey – with a heavy focus on surveys, and very little effort spent on other interactive content formats such as personality tests, quizzes, or polls.
  • Not expecting very many responses – Survey Anyplace’s pricing is pretty strict, their lower plans limiting you to 500 or 2,000 responses. That’s nothing – any halfway successful quiz can quickly get 10,000 responses a month. You could be forced to upgrade to their top plan – which means higher costs than you anticipated.
  • Looking to use quizzes at an event – we liked Survey Anyplace’s ‘kiosk’ mode, designed to let you run stripped down versions of your quizzes at conventions or other events without an internet connection. Brilliant idea – we wish more quiz maker tools offered this.

You should avoid Survey AnyPlace if you’re:

  • A high-end publisher, brand, or agency – you’ll be hamstrung by the lack of customziation options such as a CSS editor or uploading your own fonts.
  • A site that gets European visitors – we’ve already shown how Survey Anyplace is not GDPR-compliant in how they store your quiz takers’ personal data. You’re responsible for their lapses – which means you could face big fines from the E.U. (View all GDPR fines to date)
  • Looking for multimedia support – Survey Anyplace is primarily focused on text and basic images. But the best quizzes integrate video, audio, GIFs, and other assets for an immersive experience.

QMR’s rating for Survey Anyplace

  • Range of quiz formats: ★★☆☆☆
  • Customization options: ★★☆☆☆
  • Lead generation: ★★☆☆☆
  • Data privacy: ★☆☆☆☆
  • Pricing: ★★★☆☆
  • Overall: ★★☆☆☆