Quiz-maker.com: our in-depth review

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Let’s introduce you to Quiz-Maker, one of the oldest and longest-running quiz creator tools in the market today.

They’ve got an impressive story – having launched Quiz-Maker way, way back in 2004. That’s an eternity in ‘internet time’ – so we’re going to dive in and see how their tools have evolved over the years.

You might have already guessed from their rather amateurish and dated home page – but Quiz-Maker is living on their past glories.

They might have been one of the very first quiz creator tools, but they have certainly not been active in constantly updating and enhancing their software.

(Side note – we normally like to give a bit of info about the creators or company behind each quiz builder we review. But Quiz-Maker is pretty mysterious – no support chat, contact details, or other info beyond a support email address.)

QMR’s rating for Quiz-Maker:

  • Range of quiz formats: ★★★☆☆☆
  • Customization options: ★☆☆☆☆
  • Lead generation: ★☆☆☆☆
  • Data privacy: ★★★☆☆
  • Pricing: ★★★☆☆
  • Overall: ★★☆☆☆

The TL;DR summary?

Quiz-Maker is a solid, if very basic quiz builder – best used by casual or amateur quiz creators. Serious businesses or brands should stay well clear.

We really like Quiz-Maker’s easy to start ‘free plan’ directly on their home page – just click and start creating. That’s a nice touch and an approach we wished other quiz builder tools would emulate.

However, any sort of serious marketer or content guru is quickly going to hit the limits of Quiz-Maker.

From very limited customization options to just the most basic lead generation capabilities, we were constantly surprised as we tested Quiz-Maker – they don’t include things like custom fonts, CSS editing, or many native integrations for marketing software (just MailChimp and Zapier).

If you’re looking for a free quiz creator, Quiz-Maker is worth a look. But for any other serious marketing, we recommend you take a look at many of the other quiz maker software we’ve reviewed.

We’re big fans of Riddle and Involve.me – they’re designed for business users, and have the customization, white labelling, and data integration features companies require.

Outgrow and Try Interact are both very capable – but unfortunately, they aren’t GDPR-compliant. LeadQuizzes isn’t bad, but Typeform – well, they’re the worst of the bunch when it comes to privacy and data protection.

Quiz-Maker pricing

Quiz-Maker has a ‘best of times/worst of times’ approach to their quiz builder’s pricing structure.

  • They offer a free plan for super casual users – a nice touch.
  • 14 day free trial on all plans – but requires a credit card. Readers of our other reviews will know how that drives us crazy (!).
  • Quiz-Maker features unlimited quizzes only on their top two plans – people paying $29 a month are capped at 10.
  • Their team/multi-user account is included earlier than most – starting at only $49.
  • Unlimited quiz responses only with top plan – all others are capped (1k @ $29 and 50K @ $49). That seems incredibly short-sighted – 50,000 quiz takers a month is nothing these days.

This sort of ‘tiered’ usage pricing seems to be pretty common in the quiz maker tools we’ve reviewed:

  • Outgrow puts limits on all plans – from 90,000 a month @ $115/month Essentials to 600,000 on their most expensive Business plan ($720/month)
  • Involve.me isn’t great either – you only get 10,000 responses even in their top plan.
  • Typeform is similar – with limits ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 a month.
  • TryInteract is a bit better – they at least give you unlimited quiz leads with their top plan @ $209/month.
  • Riddle is the only quiz maker with unlimited usage – we like how you simply pick the plan/features you need, without caps on quizzes, responses, or leads.

Winner for the most mysterious pricing? That would have to be Bucket.io – they don’t list their pricing for their bucket quizzes, we had to find it after extensive digging online.

Media options: image, video, audio, GIF support?

Quiz-Maker is about average when it comes to making it easy to add images and other media to their quizzes.

On the one hand, we liked their integration with Unsplash and Giphy – making it easy to search and use high quality images and animated GIFs.

The in-tool crop feature is nice as well, avoiding the need for Photoshop or other software.

The downside? That’s about as far as they go.

The best quizzes embrace multi-media – and follow a 70% / 30% ratio between static images and animated GIFs or videos.

With Quiz-Maker, there’s no ability to add videos or social media (like embedding tweets from Twitter). Involve.me is pretty solid at this – and Riddle.com leads the pack in terms of flexiblity, letting you embed YouTube or Vimeo clips, or upload your own MP4 video or MP3 audio files.

Quiz-Maker’s – quiz and poll formats

Now, most folks tend to use ‘quiz’ as a catch-all term for any sort of interactive content.

But there’s a huge range of possible formats out there – from polls to personality tests, surveys to listicles, and more.

Quiz-Maker has four options – that’s about average for most quiz builders. (If you want more variety, both Outgrow and Involve.me have eight, and Riddle leads the pack with a whopping 15.)

  • Trivia quiz – using questions with right/wrong answers)
  • Personality test – they call it ‘Assign a type’, but you give results based on the users’ answers like ‘What type of entrepreneur are you?’
  • Survey – ask questions to collect data from your audience (‘Take our employee satisfaction survey’)
  • Poll – shorter, 1-2 question experiences (‘Who’s your favorite Friends character?’)


Let’s dive into Quiz-Maker’s quiz module – it’s their bread and butter, and it’s the most popular format quiz creators ask for.

We should start with the positives – Quiz-Maker has been around for awhile, and we were impressed with the number of features they offer around the structure, scoring, and layout of their quiz.

Check this out – from a progress bar to a quiz timer, they offer a huge range of ways to tweak the functionality of your quiz. They even have a back button and random question order.

And when it comes to results, Quiz-Maker does a lot of good things. Take a look below at all the ways they give to customize how quiz takers learn how they scored.

We love the leaderboard and ‘certificate’ features – you can show each quiz taker how they ranked compared to everyone else, and also give them a certificate they can download and print out.

Their branching logic is a strong feature – but not as well executed as Interact, Riddle, and Typeform. It took much longer to configure the right flow of questions and answers.

Another nice touch is that you can choose a ‘graded quiz’ vs. a standard ‘score’ option. Designed more for teachers than marketers – this will let you have students get an A, B, C, and so on, based on their scores. And this ties in nicely with the certificate feature Quiz-Maker offers.

But… and there’s always a but, right? Each Quiz-Maker quiz is looking very dated and old-fashioned.

Take a look at this sample quiz we created below – it feels very 2005, with old-fashioned stylings and user interface. This is another sign that Quiz-Maker isn’t actively developing their platform – but are instead resting on their laurels. That’s not a great position for a quiz builder to be in.

And check out their certificate feature – it’s a brilliant concept let down by sub-standard execution. It feels like it was created using clip art from way back in the mid 90’s.

Quiz-Maker – personality test

Personality tests are incredibly powerful marketing tools – they’re among the most viral of all quiz formats. And the range of use cases is vast – ranging from psychological or coaching assessments to product recommendation engines (‘What car should you buy?’).

Quiz-Maker takes a different approach with their personality test module – they call it ‘Assign a type’. You ask users a series of questions – and assign points for each answer to a matching result type. The quiz taker gets the result that gets the most overall points.

In terms of functionality, Quiz-Maker is pretty solid – you can assign different points for each answer to each result. So answering ‘A bit’ to ‘Are you messy?’, you would probably give 3 points to Chandler and 10 points to Rachel (who’s a disaster when it comes to neatness).

We’re not big fans of their user interface design – you first ask the question, then have to go to the results tab to assign scoring. That’s not very intuitive.

It would have also been good to add in a ‘decisive scoring’ – when certain choices absolutely must result in a particular type. For example, if you are making a ‘How healthy are you?’ test, anyone who selects ‘I smoke 2 packs a day’ would automatically get ‘You’re in bad, bad shape’ as a result no matter how they answered the other questions.

One nice touch – Quiz-Maker makes it easy to direct users to different URLs based on their responses. This is perfect if you’re using their personality test to recommend products – you could automatically direct shoppers to the right page.


Quiz-Maker does feature a survey option – which differs from a quiz in that there are no right or wrong answers. Using a survey allows you to collect feedback from your audience.

They include a wide range of question types (like all of their quiz types) – that was impressive, giving you lots of options on how to collect feedback.

However, Quiz-Maker seems to have cobbled together this survey module as an afterthought. Essentially, they just disabled the scoring, grading, and result types sections of their quiz.

They also don’t let you export your survey responses. This is a huge flaw – because surveys are all about collect data. Not being able to easily export it as a spreadsheet or CSV for crunching numbers in Excel or other programs is a glaring oversight.

We were initially happy to spot the ‘import questions’ feature in Quiz-Maker. We hoped it would speed up creating a survey – but unfortunately Quiz-Maker made this both unintuitive and slow, which defeats the purpose.

For example, check out their instructions for importing questions below. To import a question like ‘What do leaves have?’, you need to configure the text to read ‘What do trees have?=Checkboxes+Leaves=1+Hands=0’.

That’s not really an improvement to just typing in your own questions, right?


Like their survey, Quiz-Maker has cut corners on their poll module. It’s essentially a survey that gives instant feedback to the user.

It has the same strengths (and weaknesses) of the Quiz-Maker survey – so we won’t rehash them here.

But one other key takeaway – generally, polls are designed to be light and fun engagement widgets. In today’s online environment, that means they need to look crisp, modern, and inviting.

Quiz-Maker really needs to update their user interface – their poll seems very old-fashioned and out of date.

If you embed a poll that looks like this on your site, it’s not going to reflect well on your brand at all – plus you’ll get lower poll engagement than other quiz makers we reviewed.

Quiz-Maker – user interface and ease of use

This part isn’t going to be pretty, we’re afraid.

Quiz-Maker was one of the first quiz creator tools out there – but they haven’t evolved with the times. It’s a shame because their strong feature set is let down by pedestrian user interface and design.

Their quiz creator uses a strange ‘all in one’ approach – using one box and separating each step by tabs, then giving very long lists of features with minimal explanation or guidance.

Let’s start with ‘Settings’ – it’s one of six steps, then you have ‘Quiz’, ‘Plugins’, and ‘Integrate’. Once you’re in Settings > Quiz, you then are presented with 15+ additional features.

All text with no icons or anything (like help tips) to guide the user.

You can see similar complexity when creating a quiz question. With their visually cluttered interface, it took us a surprising amount of time to figure out how to add images to questions – normally a very basic use case.

Customization and white labelling

Quiz-Maker seems designed for educators and small businesses, vs. established brands and publishers.

You can see this in their approach to white-labelling and customization. Again, it seems a bit dated – today’s businesses expect to be able to make a quiz and customize it to blend seamlessly into their site.

Your site is your brand – so most reputable companies will want to avoid clumsy-looking widgets on their site.

Let’s look at the customization options Quiz-Maker offers – they’re pretty basic.

  • Only basic Google Fonts – you can’t upload your own.
  • You can change colors of answers, buttons, and background.
  • You can’t upload your own logo (or your clients’)
  • But no CSS editor – for advanced customization to fully match your site.

This will be sufficient for small businesses just starting out – but we think you’ll quickly run up against the limitations of Quiz-Maker, especially if you’re looking to create branded content for either your clients or your own site.

Quiz-Maker – social sharing

Publishing your quiz

Quiz-Maker has taken some bold steps in giving you extra flexibility in how and where you can publish your quiz.

Let’s start with the basics – Quiz-Maker lets you create a quiz and share through the standard link or embed options.

However they don’t include standard features to give you extra flexibility. There’s a huge variety of sites and CMS tools out there – and quiz maker software has to embed seamlessly.

We would have like to have seen options such as:

  • ‘Unrolled’ – you can show all questions on one page, saving the need to click between pages.
  • ‘Custom offset’ – displays a quiz X pixels down the page, useful for web sites with ‘always visible’ menu bars that would overlap the quiz.

We also like how you could distribute a set of unique codes – only people with these codes can access and take the quiz. That’s a good use case – mentors, therapists, and teachers often want to restrict how often a certain quiz can be started.

Quiz-Maker also lets you create a quiz and have it as part of a course. So, for example, you could create a series of quizzes and invite students (by uploading an Excel file of their emails) to participate. That’s a clever touch – not very useful for companies but ideal for education.

Social Sharing

This is an area where Quiz-Maker really needs to up their game. They ‘tick the boxes’ by including common social networks like Facebook and Twitter. That’s the (partial) good news.

However, take a look at their standard quiz results page:

  • The quiz results page is bland and unprofessional.
  • Visually disorganized – there’s minimal formatting and text design.
  • Social sharing buttons are way, way, at the bottom – this will hurt virality; few people will scroll that far to even see them.
  • They also give too many choices – with share ‘results AND share the poll, plus three big other buttons below that.
  • Too many choices = user confusion – they’ll just click away without sharing.

Quiz-Maker and data privacy

Right, so let’s start with the good news – Quiz-Maker does not load any third-party trackers, which is a nice change from many quiz takers (Typeform – by comparison loads 67!).

However, Quiz-Maker does load four of their cookies with their embed, which seems a bit excessive for simple quiz functionality. Most quiz makers, like Riddle, do it with just one.

Here’s what Quiz-Maker loads when people try to take one of their quizzes:

  • (1) poll-maker.com: _cfduid 
  • (2) cdn.poll-maker.com: ASPSESSIONIDQWBBRADR and Tracking%5FSID
  • (1) quiz-maker.com: __cfduid
  • Note: We’re counting the cookie from poll-maker.com here (vs. a third-party cookie) since this domain seems to belong to quiz-maker.com as well. 

Now on the positive side, based on our analysis, these cookies are only storing random IDs. Quiz-Maker does not collect any personal information from your website visitors (which is reflected in Quiz-Maker’s privacy policy):

“At no point does our code snippet collect information regarding your website visitors or modify your existing code.”

Alas, the bad news for website owner worried about the EU’s GDPR, Quiz-Maker has all of their servers in the U.S.:

“We utilize the services of Liquid Web to maintain co-location dedicated servers in Michigan and Arizona.”

That’s bad. Very bad.

The recent cancellation of the EU-US Privacy Shield Agreement means that it’s illegal to store any personal data from EU users on servers or cloud storage managed by U.S. corporations – violators can be fined up to 10 million euros or 4% of your entire business’ revenue. Ouch.

While we like the privacy-conscious approach Quiz Maker has taken with their quiz embed codes, we were disappointed to learn all their servers are based in the USA.

This means you can’t legally use lead generation forms in your quizzes to collect any personal information in your quizzes. That’s another reason we can’t recommend Quiz-Maker for serious marketing – collecting data through lead forms is one of the most compelling reasons to make a quiz for your website.

And compounding matters, Quiz-Maker collects the IP address of every quiz taker. The EU considers IP addresses as private, personal information – so that’s another violation of the GDPR.

Okay – we’re almost finished.

Here are a few other notable privacy issues with Quiz-Maker and their quiz embed codes:

  • Google Fonts – Quiz Maker loads bootstrap from maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com and Google Fonts from Google’s servers. To be GDPR-compliant, Google Fonts and bootstrap should be loaded from their own servers – especially since Google can collect information about your visitors through Google Fonts.
  • Unreliable code – we were a bit surprised at two fundamental errors with the embed code Quiz Maker generates:
    • Loading Google Fonts doesn’t work – they simply forgot to add the font family name when they try to load the fonts (their code says 2family=:400,300,700” instead of something like “family: ‘Roboto’, sans-serif,…..”.
    • This results in a console error 400 which is a bad user experience and also hurts in terms of SEO.
  • Unreliable code (part 2) – Quiz Maker also did something silly; they forgot the quotation marks when specifying the type of data. This could throw an error and not load for any CMS that doesn’t check for these errors.
    • Their code reads: data-type=4 instead of data-type=”4”
    • If you run into this issue, just put “ “ around the number after data-type= and you are good to go.
  • The key takeaway? These two bugs don’t inspire a great deal of confidence in their software.


Looking at Quiz-Maker, we were constantly struck by just how good this quiz creator could be… but…

Our team kept telling each other:

  • “Wow – what a great list of features, but they let us down with a very unintuitive user interface.”
  • “QR codes and custom codes? Awesome, but wait – the actual quiz design for my audience is really bad.”
  • “I love the wide range of data I can collect… but Quiz Maker has really bad data integrations so I can’t send data to my email marketing tool.”

You get the picture.

Pick Quiz-Maker for your quiz builder if:

  • You are an educator or casual user– and don’t need a wide range of customization, data integrations, and white label options.
  • Your budget is tight – and Quiz-Maker’s free plan appeals to your needs.

We recommend you avoid Quiz-Maker if:

  • You are a brand, agency, or publisher – the lack of customization and branding options will drive you crazy.
  • You have European visitors to your site – their privacy approach is not GDPR-compliant. If you use Quiz-Maker, you could be liable for fines from the humorless EU data protection folks.

Quiz-Maker also offers very minimal customer support – we only saw an email address and some basic help documentation. That’s not enough – especially for busy marketers who need to hit a deadline, or if they’re having issues with collecting leads and data.

Delays can be very costly.

Most quiz creator tools use some sort of live chat for faster responses; Riddle won our customer support test, with their founders replying to our messages within 50 seconds.

Our overall QMR rating for Quiz-Maker:

  • Range of quiz formats: ★★★☆☆☆
  • Customization options: ★☆☆☆☆
  • Lead generation: ★☆☆☆☆
  • Data privacy: ★★★☆☆
  • Pricing: ★★★☆☆
  • Overall: ★★☆☆☆

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  2. I am very sorry to hear about this bad experience you had with quiz-maker.com. Hopefully, other readers will see this and cancel the free trial immediately. I would suggest disputing this charge with your credit card company. I am not a big fan of card disputes when the reason for the charge was “oh, I forgot to cancel”. But it seems like they tricked you into a subscription, which sounds like you should clearly win this dispute. Especially if you can document that you tried to reach them to cancel.

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