Riddle’s quiz maker has been around since 2014 – it was founded by quiz industry veterans Boris Pfeiffer, Mike Hawkins, and Dr. Russ King. We did a bit of sleuthing; it turns out these guys were part of the founding team who set up the quiz site in Europe (way back in the day). …

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Founded in 2014, the Qzzr quiz maker was launched by Bucky Flowers and Owen Fuller. As their name indicates, their team is primarily focused around supporting quizzes as the main content type they offer on Just to confuse things a bit, Qzzr used to have a range of other content tools (such as lists …

Qzzr Read More » quiz maker Survey Builder by Ryan Levesque The survey tool is the digital implementation of the “Ask Method” by Ryan Levesque. (Back story – the ‘Ask Method’ is pretty cool… it shows how to use quizzes to get potential customers to tell you what they really want/need – so you can follow up with the … Read More »

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