John Cole


Typeform is a Barcelona-based form builder that launched back in 2012 with a clear mission: “Make online forms a little more human.” And they’ve done well – really well, with 200 employees and $52 million in funding. But for all their experience with online forms (and boy, do they look awesome!), they’re a relative newcomer …

Typeform Read More » is a relative newcomer to the quiz maker space – their team has shifted directions a few times in their brief history. Originally known as Brandquiz – their initial pitch was delivering customizable quizzes and audience engagement for agencies and brands, hence the name. They rebranded in April, 2019 to Like their home … Read More »


Outgrow has been around as a quiz maker since 2016. Founded by Randy Rayess and Pratham Mittal, their motto is “Trying to reinvent marketing”. As they put it: “Customers today want to be helped. Not sold to.” And they’re doing a fairly good job of it – Outgrow is a flexible marketing platform built around …

Outgrow Read More »

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