Alberto Survey Builder by Ryan Levesque The survey tool (also called Bucket IO) is the digital implementation of the “Ask Method” by Ryan Levesque. (Back story – the ‘Ask Method’ is pretty cool… it shows how to use quizzes to get potential customers to tell you what they really want/need – so you can … Read More »


Founded in 2014, the Qzzr quiz maker was launched by Bucky Flowers and Owen Fuller. As their name indicates, Qzzr was designed around making it easy to create a quiz for online marketing purposes – especially for lead generation. Just to confuse things a bit, Qzzr used to have a range of other content tools …

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Riddle is an online quiz maker that has been around since 2014. It was founded by quiz industry veterans Boris Pfeiffer, Mike Hawkins, and Dr. Russ King. We did a bit of sleuthing; it turns out these guys were part of the founding team who set up the quiz site in Europe (way back …

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